Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit

To non fans of soccer, the title refers to this video.

I have seen the motivational quotes several times on IG explore pages, that some days are going to be tougher than others. It hadn’t happened to me until this week.

I first started lifting 13th Feb, 2017. Since then, lifting has been that one thing that can uplift my mood no matter what, and even if I am in a bad mood right as I start working out, I feel better. I am proud of how consistent I have been with lifting. It’s fine by me that it wasn’t perfect; this is my journey. So, it surprised me when on Tuesday, every time I was starting a set I had the thought of quitting my workout and calling it a bad day. I didn’t do that because I crave the endorphin release I experience. However, the entire workout was difficult and the end of it I simply felt mellow.

I have a better understanding of what it really means to stick it out for the long-term benefit. This was definitely a milestone in my journey that I knew was coming. Nonetheless, I am excited to celebrate 2 years of lifting this February.

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash